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Why Can't I Sit There?

One day at church I lost myself and got into a slight verbal altercation with an usher. Yikes, right? Ever been there?  Even if you haven't, don't judge.  Read the full story and discover how your seat can make all the difference.  


Know it all?

Nobody likes a know it all, not even a know it all! Which leads me to ask this question. Are you a know it all? How can you find out if you're a know it all? Well, I've created a list of questions that I think will help you discover the answer.

Watch out for bridges!

Watch out for bridges!

Onward and upward!

Get ready, let's go. It's time to go where God is leading you. There may be potholes to avoid. But with a willing heart and relentless drive, you will make it. Put on your shades and apply sunscreen.  The sun shines brightly where you're headed.

Christian EduTainment, Crafted With Love!


C. Jeanine Fulton is an inspirational humorist, author, and music enthusiast whose passion is engaging audiences.   Through interactive sets, creative commentary, and uplifting content, Jeanine's goals are to share God's message of hope and to encourage people in their faith walk.  For many years Jeanine worked as a professional development speaker, consultant, and writer for the beauty industry. Little did she know that God would use those skills for ministry.

Jeanine has a Master of Arts degree in Practical Theology with a concentration in Christian Education from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia. She is the author of two books, Industry In:Site, 101 Top Beauty Careers and When Grandmothers Wore Aprons-Life and Leadership Straight From The Hip.  Jeanine is also working on a comical Christian devotional and a Bible Study entitled Honey Please!


What is Edutainment?

The art of combining education and entertainment.  What better subject to demonstrate this concept than the Word of God?

How Long are Jeanine's Sets?

Sets range from 15 minutes to full day seminars.

 does Jeanine Travel?

Absolutely! Interested in booking Jeanine for an event? Connect through the contact page below.

He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.”
— Job 8:21




Almost Virtuous Tour


For Women of All Ages

Teens, Young Adults, Cougars and Seniors

References Available Upon Request From The Following: Allen Temple AME Church(Kennesaw, GA), First Baptist Church (Dallas, GA) Words of Faith AME Church (Mableton, GA), Church Women United (Atlanta. GA), Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church (Jacksonville, FL) Kingdom of God Evangelical Outreach Ministry, I.C.O.N. Women's Organization (Houston, TX), New Hope Baptist Church (Atlanta, GA), The Bread of Life Church (Atlanta, GA), Overcoming Believers Church (Knoxville, TN) The Book Review Club (Knoxville, TN) Eastminster Presbyterian Church (Stone Mountain, GA)


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